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Went out to get a couple of parts for the Notch today and visited my mate Matt to see how he’s progressing with his Ghia.

The car has been off the road since Bug Jam 5 years ago, where it won the "Best Ghia" trophy. Since then it’s been in storage and the master cylinder has dropped its guts, which damaged some paint in the process.

As you can see everything is stripped down and it’s now time to POR15 the damaged areas and rebuild the brakes with some new goodies.

Should be an interesting year for Matt, as he’s asked me to be his best man…..

Just hope the car makes it too the wedding…..

Matt demonstrating his manhood!

Nice and clean (unlike Matt)


I can't believe this weather; it’s almost to hot to work on the car.

After hitting the bushes, smacking my hands and gripping my palms with the mole grips it was time to get some heat on the bushes. But first I had to check where that petrol smell was coming from.

Took out the tank to discover somebody had wrapped insulation tape around the old EBERSPACHER heater pipes (clever) and not to mention the lack of clips on the petrol pipes.
Once the tank was out, removing the bushes was so much easier with the aid of a blow torch. 2 Hours later everything was back together and the result was this.

As I couldn’t lower the car from the outer splines (seized solid), I had to settle with marking everything up and rotating the inners. The result – arse up ….. so next job, slam the back (that’s if I can get it off the drive).

The end result should look like this -

Got home from work early, so I thought it was time to upset the purists (sorry guys).

Most of the bolts where seized and the shocks decided to leave the bushes behind. It got a bit dark so had to abandon ship until Saturday, hopefully I might be able to get the jack back out then.

A cool find.

A friend of mine Jamie (Kraftwek VW) has just landed a cool find, I’ll let him explain –

It’s a family owned, 40,000 miles from new/full service history 1964 deluxe bug, totally stock in generally extremely good condition. External paintwork has a couple of bits of damage, not enough for it to be a hood ride but a bit too much to be a minter, but underneath the car has been waxoyled from new and is unmarked, never welded, none required, likewise the interior is genuinely like a new car (and I'm not exaggerating here!), under the bonnet is spotless, engine bay spotless - its awesome! The engine needed a spot of re-commissioning and a new fan belt and has run like a good 'un since... Spent all afternoon either gazing wistfully out of the window at it or thumbing through the service history and heaps of documentation that came with it (even the original sales brochure).

Can you tell he’s excited…

Purists should look away, as he’s already hit the front end with the narrowing stick.

Congrats Charlie

Just found this picture of Charlie from

Well done for winning at Volksworld mate.

Well after a great weekend of weather, I decided to dig out the tools today and lower the Notchback. But then it rained L and it was that wet rain.

I wonder if Freddy from “vw1500s.skynetblog” and the “1500club” made a deal with somebody upstairs to stop me.

In the meantime I’ve found this video which helps.

How cool is this....

Even the dashboard has been fabricated to match. Should be cool when it's finished.

More details here

When I got the car I discovered a really annoying problem, the clutch bearing made a sound like an angle grinder. I’ve never heard one sound this bad!

First big job…… replace the clutch bearing (which sounds easy)

45 years of rusty bolts and two knackered hands later.

Somebody please tell me why I still enjoy this?

A Big thanks to Clare, I would never have got that engine back in without your help.

This is my 62 Notch, which I purchased late last year. As you can see, it’s pretty standard….

Should I keep it that way????

The first couple of jobs are quick and simple, get rid of those sick white plates, ditch the 14” front rims and get it on the ramps for the weekend.

Bug-in 2007

29th of June, it's not far away now, make sure you book some time off.
It's going to be one of the best shows of the decade.


After following many VW blogs from around the internet I thought it was time to join in.

Keep watching for some unusual projects from around the globe, VW show pics and almost anything else air-cooled related.