UK Drag Day #1 pics now online - CLICK HERE

UK Drag Day #1

Rain Rain Rain........ Cheers to everybody who turned up, we had a great day even though most of the racing was rained off.
Keep an eye on the gallery, for more photo’s.

Hardcore Scottish racing :o)

Courtesy of Larry at RestoCustom and

Made me burst a rib....nice one.

Comando Monkey

Spotted at Big Bang.....  Cool  :o)

Sorry Paul, but I couldn’t resist :o)

This is what happens when piston rings bite back, to add insult to injury he couldn’t even bandage it up straight away as the sealant was going off.

I hope you put the bandage on Jolly Jims bill.

Trust me, you don't want to see flesh picture.....  I'm sure all of us vw nuts must be masochists.

Nice looking longblock though....

Hope to see his car doing this again soon - 

Late but cool