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Cool, check out the link

Next job :)

Woop Woop

Congrat to my mate Manzo for making the cover of Ultra... It looks like my fasty made print too :)

VW Action 2009


More photo's tomorrow....

Congrats to Paul Hamilton, who managed to run a 12.02 in his bay window at the UK Drag Day 2. Good luck on breaking into the 11's at VW Action.

After returning from Bug Jam we noticed a lot of dampness inside the car, lifting the carpets exposed lots of rust and bad smells of stagnant water. One hose down later, we discovered the water was pouring in through the windscreen seal :(

I got straight on the phone to T3D and ordered a new screen rubber, which took quite a bit of time to fit. Whilst the carpets where out, the floor got a good sand and paint up too... No more leaks, I hope :)

Fasty Job no1

First job, siezed calipers on both front brakes....
Opted for the the Easy fix, bin them and buy new ones....

A passing motorist was eager to point out that I had no brake lights on the way to Bug Jam. So £3.50 for a brake light switch sounds better than somebody smashing into me.
Looking sweet on the drive :)

The new ride

After a lot of head scratching, we finaly decided to get another Type3 and move the notchback into a full restoration. This fasty used to belong to Paul Knight from Ultra VW and was featured around 10 years ago. It's lasted well, but does need a bit of TLC to get it back on form.

Just got back from a very warm day at the Potteries Custom and Classic Car Show 2009. Great turn out, but missed the bikes as they got off early....Don't blame them, the must have been roasted...
Cheers to Manzo at www.oddballimport.co.uk and everybody else involved for putting on a great show.

Pics can be found here - Custom & Classic 2009

Street driven 12 second bug, looking cool as ever...

Updated Tiki dub, looking cool with the new wood....

Mint little number...

Retro Steve showing his cool bug for the first time.

Deva Dubs and Rods

A great show and fantastic weather. Pics online here - DEVA2009


UK Drag Day #1 pics now online - CLICK HERE

UK Drag Day #1

Rain Rain Rain........ Cheers to everybody who turned up, we had a great day even though most of the racing was rained off.
Keep an eye on the gallery, for more photo’s.

Hardcore Scottish racing :o)

Courtesy of Larry at RestoCustom and Restowagenuk.com

Made me burst a rib....nice one.

Comando Monkey

Spotted at Big Bang.....  Cool  :o)

Sorry Paul, but I couldn’t resist :o)

This is what happens when piston rings bite back, to add insult to injury he couldn’t even bandage it up straight away as the sealant was going off.

I hope you put the bandage on Jolly Jims bill.

Trust me, you don't want to see flesh picture.....  I'm sure all of us vw nuts must be masochists.

Nice looking longblock though....

Hope to see his car doing this again soon - 

Late but cool

Nice stance

Uploaded over 200 pics, have a looky here  - > BIGBANG PICS

Matt aka da Balz.....lookin sweet

Proper pop power

Good weather for it

No estate ! Get a roof rack..

Cool car and cool fashion


BMX Bottle

Mr Funk Finger aka Neil, had his first outing in many years

Da beeker in his chillwagen... Chillin as always

Big Bang 2009

People go a bit crazy at Big Bang, more pics tomorrow....