Nice stance

Uploaded over 200 pics, have a looky here  - > BIGBANG PICS

Matt aka da Balz.....lookin sweet

Proper pop power

Good weather for it

No estate ! Get a roof rack..

Cool car and cool fashion


BMX Bottle

Mr Funk Finger aka Neil, had his first outing in many years

Da beeker in his chillwagen... Chillin as always

Big Bang 2009

People go a bit crazy at Big Bang, more pics tomorrow....

Don't miss out !

Steve's early 60's bug is very close to being finished, just a couple of small jobs then its MOT time. Then he's onto his 61 bug, he's like a VW Energiser bunny.

A quick update on a nice Cal Look Oval owned by Jamie aka Kaferboy, one of the people behind the UK Cal Look Drag Day.

His bodywork is nearly done and he's now on the Paint and Engine.

Good luck dude, hope you get it finished in time.

The SAS Renwagens blog can be found here.

Volksworld 2009

Unfortunately I couldn’t make Volksworld this year; it looks like I missed a good one :o(
Luckily Angelo Amato was on hand to take some pics and send them back to the blog (cheers dude). More pictures can now be found in the Dub Archive and the show result are now available on the Volksworld blog.

Nice notch as in the Volksworld this month, the Ghia is also the dogs.

Cool Marathon Bug owned by MarathonTom from Restowagen.

Evil Ben strikes again with this nuts Country Buggy from Aus, it sounds awesome with the vintage Porsche motor in the back. Vids on the UltraVW blog >>>

Bring back the Baja's, about time too.

So clean you could eat your dinner off it..

The secret is out, T3D Brasilia...... "NICE"