Esox Lucius! Old Style Bike.......wowza

Just been sufing the http://derluftboxers.skynetblogs.be/ blog and seen this bike....

That's what I call a bike :)

Check out the blog, some cool rides and strange pictures.

Come and say hello

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Air ride in progress

Been following Lee’s car for some time now, it’s finally back from paint and the time has come to put it all back together.

It features Airkewld airbags front and rear, Chip Foose wheels and a big motor.

You can follow the full project here - LEE70Airbug

Fastback revival

Been doing a little digging through some of Angelo Amato’s Type 3 pics, he’s asked me to not give too much away regarding the project so far. So here’s a little teaser, until he’s finished it.

More pics here http://public.fotki.com/vwproject/angelos-fastback/

How it looked when it was featured in Street Machine and VWTrends

The mini resto about 5 years ago.

Rear brake conversion and homemade (galvanized) replacement panels.

Check out the detail on this, wow.....

Fresh paint everywhere, you could definitely eat your food of that floorpan.

Pharoahe Monch

Another new video with a VW in it and the songs quite cool also...


Went to Alltypes VW show in Wales yesterday, had a great day with a nice mix of water and air-cooled cars.

Nice to see a couple of the old boys made it out, Roofless Racing was back after 15 years and a recently completed buggy from Big Baz made its debut. Pure Buggy PORN....
More pictures over here - http://public.fotki.com/vwproject/alltypes-2007/

Look closey.... Even at the average age of 35, they boys still can't resist the finger.

Even Dirty Sanchez managed to squeeze in on this one.

A Narrow Golf ???

Just been catching up on a bit of blog reading at The Panscrapers and found this Golf.

Narrow fronts-ends are catching on......

Head over to The Panscrapers to see more crazy rides.

Been watching this T3D Greenback for a couple of weeks, a job well executed.

A little clean up, some lowering and Gas Burners to finish it off..... Cool

Update on the cool square.... Gas burners have gone and its now with the new owner.
Mr Algar, your a lucky man.

I don’t watch the Eurovision Song Contest, but I just caught this video on TV and had to share it with you….. Quality, I hope Israel win…

“Never the less” just wait for the chorus…..

Not good news :(

Fitted up the new wheels again this evening, but it’s no good….

I’ve committed a crime against the purists, NOW I MUST PAY.

Didn’t think there was such a thing as “too low”

The car drives lovely on standard rims even though it’s only an inch max from the floor (unlike a beetle), but I can’t even get the rear wheels to turn on the new rims.

So it’s back up again this weekend.

A word of warning to all T3 owners, stay away from Firestone 165’s… The sidewall rubs when used with Eagles.

3mm clearance between the top of the wheel arch and the tyre…..NOT GOOD

Christmas already ?

Christmas has come early for the Notch....

Just finished fitting it all up, but got tyre problems...

If I can get to a tyre supplier tomorrow, I'll be taking him to Stanford Hall.

Mike at Machine 7 came true will his usual quality service and got me number 62 (for the 62 Notch) of the limited run Euro Bug-In shifters, cheers dude.

Hope to see the number 7 shifter sometime soon ;)

Links to his website over here >>>>>> The crazy looking guy with the knife...

Busy Night Tonight

The time has come to drop the rear of the Notch.

Ran into a couple of problems with old bolts, but the main problem was a poor quality brake line breaking. Oh well, it's to be expected...

Just ordered something new and expensive, hopefully just in time for Stanford Hall at the weekend..... Can't wait, you'll have to wait and see.

Still find it strange how much mud and surface rust the Notch has....
It's like the mud has preserved the steel.

Big Bang 2007

Had a great weekend at Big Bang, the weather was fantastic as was the racing and show cars.

Both my aircooled cars are off the road, so went down in the daily with Pob Rob following in his cool Golf GTI.

Dame looking lost.... something to do with the Fuelers Bar....

Tim Garbutt bonding with security, after getting told to wee somewhere else...