The temptation was too much, got offered a free ticket and hotel room from a fellow dubber (cheers Steve)....We just had to go.... :o)

Click here for more pics

More spy shots of the volksworld show can be found here. Many thanks to Iain Mcavoy from volkszone.....Keep any eye on his gallery, as more shots will be added over the weekend.

Angelo Amato has just sent me a pic of his car, live from the Volksworld Show.
If your going, have a good look around it and see if you can spot all the modifications (click below for details).

Some extra pics (stolen from Ivan's camera).... I'm sure he'll want the publicity...
(email me if you want them removed dude)

Had a great time in Dubai, but didn't expect to come back to snow.

Didn't see any dubs just supercars and 4x4's...

Also spent a weekend at the MotoGP in Qatar, cool race but the view of the track was very poor.
If you like Bikes, more pics can be found here - MotoGP

Next trip, the Volksworld show.
See you soon.... D.

Notch is all tucked away, should be back for Volksworld with lots of new info on some hush hush projects.

Boyd Coddington RIP