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Herman Monster

It's a monster, but Robs new van could look funky with a little photoshop....

Goodbye old friend

This photo was taken about 20 years back, when I did a light resto on my 3rd bug...Sort of Euro Custom....  I was planning on doing another resto, but he was too far gone :o(

Cheers to UltraVW

A while back I was asked by UltraVW if I could cover Tatton Park for a future issue of the magazine. Well it's now in print and I'm chuffed to bits....cheers guys.

Got a call late last night, another bargain priced (BT89) ex-show car had just landed at Oldschool Steves (aka Mr stuffy). Keep an eye on here for more details as he gets stuck in.

After a long search T3D finaly found a Brasilia to slam.... It's amazing what you can do with some nice wheels and a one day slam job. Now for sale, contact for more details.

A fellow T3 perv offered me these the other day, but unfortunately I’ve got other commitments.
At £475 they are expensive but I've seen them go for a lot more cash. They are rarer than Rocking Horse sh*t, outstanding condition and the pictures don’t do them justice.

Email for further details.

Nice Cal Rear....


Just found a new blog you type 3 lovers might be interested in, check out this tube frame Notchback.  Judging from the amount of work that has gone into it so far, this is going to be one cool notchback.
Click for more details.

Looking good so far.

Not much left of the body.

Now that's a shifter...

Gav, the man behind Trailer Queen Restorations has just knocked out another amazing paintjob. I've seen this man's work close up, it's probably the best I've ever seen. Click here to visit the blog.

Fast Cal Looker

Having finished the engine and box upgrade on this sweet 67 1500, my friend Gaz had to part with this ride due to other commitments. Luckily a friend’s dad was on the lookout and he’s now the proud owner of this special car. The engine is currently being run in, but it still pulls like a train...

Nothing on this car is repro, you can still see the original sticker behind the Empi wheel.... NICE :o)

Should have the full engine spec tomorrow.

Cool RestoCal

A friend of mine who's been out of the dub scene for about 15 year, recently purchased a 1960 non runner. So far he's made custom bumber brackets and fitted up some stainless bumpers with spot lamp and period badge. It should be running within a couple of weeks, so more pics to follow.... Looking cool so far.

Went up to see KraftwerkVW in Stoke the other day, I highly recommend them if you need some work doing. Pob Rob's MK1 is coming along nicely, looks like it's ready for paint now.

Who said WV garages are crazy ??

Friendly warning :o)

That's one fat rear...

Or does my bum look big in this.......... (Sorry Lee, it does)

Rob's Mk1 GTI getting a test coat, before he decides on the colour.

More pics of his golf can be found here -

Can't tell if this visitor is happy, scared or has wind...

Nice panel, from John Rathbone racing.

Rob trying to blow holes in his own car.

Back from Dubai

Sorry about the lack of posts recently, been taking it easy in Dubai. Spotted no VW's again, just supercars gallore.

Tatton Park 2008

Well it looked like the weather was going to be bad, but the sun came out at 11.00am and kept popping out the clouds all day long.... Just checked in the mirror, and yes my slap head is burnt to a crisp yet again. Had a great day, many thanks to all involved.
This picture sums it up (a chilling day), many more can be found here -