T3 Volksporn

My new toys are here..... Say no more....

Met Colin at Deva Dub show a couple of weeks ago and he gave me the run down on this sweet ride.

Colins words -

After 8 months and lots of sleepless nights my fastback is finally nearing completion. I still need a couple of things but i took it for a test drive to see if it all works as it should. I fitted a beetle balljoint beam with drop spindles and honestly the car drives better now than when it had the type3 beam fitted. Previously with the type3 set up it was down three splines at the front and was sat on the bump stops so the suspension was non existant. Now with the beetle set up the bump stops are in the shockers and the car has a couple of inches of travel before it hits the bump stop, which in turn keep the car about an inch from the tarmac. The car is unwelded and rhd with a stock 1600 twin carb engine.

Me and the notch went to the first Hanley car show this weekend.
Had a great chilled day with plenty of cool cars to look over.

Cheers to Manzo at oddballimports for organising a cool event, will see you again next year.

Click HERE for more pics.

Seen pics of this crash last week and didn't realise it was Gustav's car, who’s blog I read regularly.

Please take a moment to post/talk about these stupid little bikes on the forums and get them banned from our shows before this happens again, or somebody gets hurt.

The following post is from www.life-and-cars-of-gustavt.blogspot.com

I thought about not posting this nightmare picture, but the blogs name IS life and cars of Gustav_t, even when life sucks. Saturday morning my beloved type 34 was hit by a guy on a pitbike. I hold no grudge against the boy, who did what almost everybody else did in Mantorp - act stupid and inresponsible. I have once been a testosteron fueled young man, and acted stupid to. This is where the eventmakers should take action. What the hell has chinese mopeds to do with old beautifull Volkswagens? Please make some noise on the forums about this issue. And lets tell people that reckless driving between people and cars is not ok. But please don't thrash the mopeddriver on the forums.

I would like to thank all the people who donated cash for the cars recovery, the people who have send me text messages and e mails and those who have used time at work to sort out the rebuild of my dream car. To those who thought they could buy this car cheap from my insurance company - don't hold your breath while waiting..

I also has to say that keeping my good friend Guller in one piece even though he was sitting in the passengers site is the most important thing.

After a bit of playing around with the exhaust and brakes, we decided to spend the day at Deva Dubs and Rods.

The weather was amazing, which made it a great day for chilling and enjoying some cool rides.

Check out the pics here - http://public.fotki.com/vwproject/deva-dubs-and-rods-2007/

On the road at last, given up on the 165's and found some 155's for the rear.
Cheers to Lee at Kraftwerk VW for sorting the exhaust....

Off to Deva Dub show this weekend, in the meantime check out this dub.