It's been a while, updates coming soon....

It's been a while !

Yep I know it's been a while since, sorry but I've had a tough time.....

Lot's of changes to come.............and the notch looks a bit different now ;)

Cool day out for a cruise.....

US import, rock solid with lots of Patina and lots of BHP... Coming to a drag strip soon.

Sorry all, been away for a while due to personal reasons.... It’s amazing what life throws at you ;-)

Anyway back to dubs, VW Action was awesome this weekend and I’ll be uploading lots of pics shortly. Many thanks to the organisers and all the peeps who made it such a cool gathering.

If you can’t wait for the pics, look me up on facebook (link further down on the right)

Have a good New Year

Cool, check out the link